Profession and family

Consistency of profession and family is an important concern to JOSERA. Therefore JOSERA creates framework conditions to arrange profession with both family and extra studies or a further education.

We like to inform you on an individual base about our working time models, possibilities for parent time and part-time employment, our operational retirement plan, special leaves for certain family causes as well as your personal options and possibilites for development. So we can specifically evaluate your personal situation.

Support at extra studies/further education: JOSERA promotes the professional further development of our employees - we accompany and support our employees at an extra further education or studies.
Vacation program for children: JOSERA offers a qualified child support, age 3-13 years, by trained staff within particular vacation weeks, emphasizing score, fun and community.
Business celebrations for employees and their families: At the annual family celebration on the company's premises in Kleinheubach, JOSERA reveals interesting company insights.