JOSERA and the region – working where others go on holidays

Charming landscapes and proximity to the city – the Main region around Kleinheubach is considered an attractive place to live and a tourism region.
Idyllic communities along the Main river, historical points of interest and the natural setting between Odenwald and Spessart offer numerous recreational opportunities for families, athletes and culture lovers.

  • Central location: The cities of Frankfurt, Würzburg, Heidelberg and the university town of Aschaffenburg are located in the immediate vicinity.
  • Associations active in the region: Sports clubs, choirs and orchestras for young and old
  • Recreation for children and young families: Swimming pools, swimming lakes, nature and history (Celts and Romans)
  • Sports activities: Hiking, mountain biking, race biking, riding, climbing, rowing and paddling, shooting and hunting along with classic sports such as football and tennis.
  • Culture: Castles and palaces (e.g. Mildenburg, Engelberg Monastery), theatre and festivals (e.g. Clingenburg festival), abbey concerts, cabarets and museums
  • Epicurean region: Franconian wine culture and local breweries with numerous annual festivals.
  • Education: The Bavarian education system with a large selection of schools is at the highest educational level. Miltenberg grammar school offers musical education in addition to natural sciences, technology and languages.