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JOSERA receives DLG-Certificate für Josilac ferm

Now it is official: The official DLG evaluation for the year 2013 confirms an in-order-rate of 100 percent for Josera products. In the year 2013 the DLG examined 80 products from Josera animal nutrition.

The sample drawing under the DLG quality mark was made unannounced on farms, at dealers or at JOSERA.   The results from the DLG-controls have been announced. They provide the farmer with the security, that the decelerated content values on the bag are contained in the product 100 %.  Through this it is possible to adequately feed high performance animals.

Mineral feed:

38 mineral feed samples came to be tested and passed with the outstanding result of 100 % in order.

Milk replacer:

18 milk replacer samples where audited. All of them where 100% in order.

Content of probiotics:

7 products where tested. The decelerated amount was confirmed to 100% in all products.

Special testing of threonine in the swain mineral feed:

7 products came for examination. All samples fulfilled the decelerated amount to 100%.


Additional testing under DLG quality label PLUS:

3 Products where examined for compliance of the component composition. Further 7 products where evaluated on freedom of antibiotic additives. The compliance of the requirements could be confirmed in all cases.

The results from the DLG-inspection will be published on the website, as well as in the insert of the August issue of the DLG-release. There you can find test results from the companies that let their products, or a selection of their products, be tested by DLG-inspection.


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