Josera Karriere

JOSERA, a family company

JOSERA has been successfully involved in the animal nutrition and foodstuff segments for more than 70 years. As a midsize family company, JOSERA is always developing further. The company is dedicated to sustainability, innovation, responsibility and safety!

The company history of JOSERA begins with two visionaries:
Joseph and Pauline Erbacher, who founded the company JOSERA during the time of World War II with a plant for the production of feed lime in the village of Weilbach, Unterfranken.

JOSERA wrote an impressive success story over the years.


1941 – Founding of the company JOSERA

Joseph and Pauline Erbacher establish a plant in Weilbach, Unterfranken for the production of feed lime, the precursor of today’s mineral feed. In the first few years, the feed lime is only available in 2 kg packages which, according to today’s feeding recommendations, would merely be enough for the nutrition of one cow over about 2 weeks.  

1980 – New construction of the company complex in Kleinheubach

JOSERA continues to expand steadily. Josef Erbacher acquires a large site in the Kleinheubach industrial area for the growing company, offering potential for further construction projects. The company grows continuously over the coming years. In addition to the new agricultural production facility, a new laboratory, pilot plant station and new administrative building are constructed as well.

In the meantime, more than 500 retailers in Germany are distributing JOSERA quality products.

1999 – Internationalisation with the founding of JOSERA Polska

JOSERA founds the sales subsidiary JOSERA Polska in Poland. In the meantime, JOSERA agricultural and pet food products are distributed in many European countries.

2002 – DLG-Plus and QS certification

The JOSERA quality guarantee stands for the highest product and process quality - JOSERA is one of the first companies in the agriculture sector to be certified according to DLG-Plus and QS (quality and safety). Further certification according to DIN ISO 9001 and HACCP follows a short time later.


2006 – Alternation of generations in company management

Josef Erbacher hands the management of the company over to his son Burkard Erbacher.

JOSERA is awarded the honorary certificate for 50 years of membership in the DLG. This confirms the continuous innovativeness of JOSERA and the quality leadership of the JOSERA products and technical consulting.

2008 – Expansion into Poland (Nowy Tomysl) and into Ukraine

Exports to Poland and other Eastern European countries have grown significantly over the years. JOSERA responds to the increase in demand with the construction of the world’s most modern mineral feed plant in Poland (Nowy Tomysl). The Polish plant emphasises very good product quality as well, confirming it through its internal laboratory and subjecting itself to continuous monitoring by the DLG.

JOSERA continues to expand and founds a sales company in the Ukraine.


2012 – Laboratory accreditation according to the highest possible standard

Das The JOSERA laboratory puts both raw materials and finished goods under the microscope with the latest, highly accurate technology. The analysis equipment supplies absolutely precise measurement results. Independent government-appointed auditors formally confirm the highest standards for the JOSERA lab with the ISO/IEC 17025 laboratory accreditation. ISO/IEC 17025 is the global quality standard for test laboratories. The agricultural test and research institutions (LUFA) are also accredited under this standard.