Josera Karriere

JOSERA, a family company

JOSERA has been successfully involved in the animal nutrition and foodstuff segments for more than 70 years. As a midsize family company, JOSERA is always developing further. The company is dedicated to sustainability, innovation, responsibility and safety!

The company history of JOSERA begins with two visionaries:
Joseph and Pauline Erbacher, who founded the company JOSERA during the time of World War II with a plant for the production of feed lime in the village of Weilbach, Unterfranken.

JOSERA wrote an impressive success story over the years.

1990 – Healthy foods under “ERBACHER – your spelt specialist”

A new business area specialising in gentle grain processing is set up with “ERBACHER Ernährung” (nutrition). ERBACHER produces and distributes spelt-based cereal mixes under the “ERBACHER Ernährung” brand. In addition to healthy spelt as the grain component, the products are low in fat and sugar but high in dietary fibre.

2001 – Construction of the new ERBACHER plant

In order to achieve independence in the food sector, a new plant and separate administrative building are constructed in the neighbourhood of the JOSERA company premises.  

2008 – Founding of Erbacher Food Intelligence

The human nutrition segment under the name Erbacher Food Intelligence becomes an independent company. Frank Erbacher, the youngest son of Josef Erbacher, manages the new company.