Josera Karriere

JOSERA, a family company

JOSERA has been successfully involved in the animal nutrition and foodstuff segments for more than 70 years. As a midsize family company, JOSERA is always developing further. The company is dedicated to sustainability, innovation, responsibility and safety!

The company history of JOSERA begins with two visionaries:
Joseph and Pauline Erbacher, who founded the company JOSERA during the time of World War II with a plant for the production of feed lime in the village of Weilbach, Unterfranken.

JOSERA wrote an impressive success story over the years.


1988 – Second pillar: dog & cat food, horse feed

JOSERA as an animal nutrition specialist enters the pet food market. Knowledge and decades of experience from the agriculture sector are incorporated in the new product line for healthy pet nutrition. Over the coming years, the JOSERA pet food line is expanded and improved continuously.  

2003 – Construction of a highly modern pet food plant

Continuously rising demand for JOSERA pet products calls for the construction of a new and highly modern pet food plant. It is first put into operation in the year 2003.

2004 – Beginning of a success story with JOSERA Emotion

JOSERA expands its dog food product range. With the market launch of the Emotion Line for dogs, JOSERA adds six healthy, high-quality premium dry dog food versions to its product range. They include true innovations like the sauce menu, “Festival” with fish and “SensiPlus” with duck for nutritionally sensitive dogs.  

2012 – Super Premium Petfood: Introduction of JOSERA "A special Need" - Line

In addition to the successful “Emotion” Line the JOSERA “A Special Need” Line was launched to meet the special claims of dogs - special needs demand special recipes.
Dog owners can choose from an assortment of “Super Premium” products, meticulously tailor-fitted for their dog’s special requirements.