Environmental awareness

By utilizing sustainable resource-efficient production and environmentally-friendly transport processes, JOSERA significantly reduces the environmental impact.
For our commitment to saving energy and CO2, JOSERA was awarded several times.
JOSERA continuously evaluates all processes, products and energy management system in environmental context, also continuing to sustainably improve our environmental performance.

Reducing our environmental impact

Compensating our CO2-Emissions through sustainable forestation projects

Since 2013, JOSERA-ERBACHER has been funding climate change projects in order to reduce the company group’s carbon footprint. Each year, the goal is to plant 100 000 trees in order to make up for the CO2 that was emitted in the previous year through production and personnel transport in Kleinheubach. The projects, located in the southwestern highlands of Tanzania, also create income for the local partners and their villages and contribute to sustainable local natural resource management.
Environmentally friendly goods traffic & short transportation routes

In order to reduce emissions generated by transporting raw materials, JOSERA is increasingly shifting from road to rail transportation. With the expansion of the company's own railway siding, JOSERA transports up to 45,000 tons annually by rail and therefore eliminates around 4,000 truck journeys per year.
Short transportation routes and cooperation with regional suppliers make an additional contribution to the reduction of CO2 emissions.

  JOSERA Gleisanschluss
Sustainable construction on a natural basis – the JOSERA high-bay racking warehouse made of wood

JOSERA at its site in Kleinheubach realised a fascinating building construction innovation in 2011 – the JOSERA high-bay racking warehouse with a height of 30 m. It was constructed exclusively out of solid gluelam from regional forestry operations (PEFC-certified, from Odenwald and Spessart), intentionally eliminating the use of a steel structure. In doing so, JOSERA has not only set a new wood construction standard but also avoided 2,100 tons of CO2 emissions.

  JOSERA Hochregallager

Electricity from renewable energy sources

Ever since 2003, all of our products are manufactured exclusively with certified green electricity from renewable energy sources. Furthermore, the latest production methods guarantee low energy consumption.
The use of environmentally friendly packaging – it’s not only what's inside that counts. 

We pay attention to the sustainability of not just our products but also our packaging. This is why we only use paper from sustainable forestry operations for our packaging in the domestic animal segment. Our plastic packaging is 100% recyclable and consists in part of recycled materials. Our covering boxes are generally made entirely of recycled materials.

Natural printing – printed products made of FSC-certified paper

JOSERA puts climate protection into practice – our employees only print on paper made from recycled materials. We only use paper certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)to print all brochures for dog & cat food as well as horse feed. We have also implemented climate-neutral printing for part of our brochures and advertising media. Here we support nature conservation projects, e.g. in Mozambique, to compensate for the CO2 emissions caused by printing.


Biological waste air purification – the JOSERA bio-bed

A bio-filter system was put into operation in October of 2012 to reduce odour emissions from feed production. Microorganisms in the bio-bed ensure the biological purification of all waste air from domestic animal feed production.
  JOSERA Biobeet

Promoting environmentally friendly and sustainable ideas

JOSERA recognised as an ÖKOPROFIT operation

Since 2003, JOSERA has been recognised by the ÖKOPROFIT organisation in Bavaria’s Lower Main region thanks to a variety of initiatives to save energy and reduce CO2 emissions.


  Ökoprofit Logo
Bund Naturschutz – Klimaschutzpreis 2013

The Bund Naturschutz nature protection association in Miltenberg has awarded the Erbacher Group the “Klimaschutzpreis 2013” climate protection award for special climate and environmental protection activities. Among other things, the panel was convinced by the high-bay racking warehouse made of the sustainable raw material wood from the neighbouring Odenwald as well as the continuously increasing number of raw material deliveries by rail.

Environmental & Energy Management System

Environmental Management System

JOSERA pursues the continuous improvement of all processes, products and services in order to protect the environment and effectively optimise our environmental performance. In order to do so, JOSERA maintains an environmental management system according to EMAS since 2005 and according to DIN EN ISO 14001:2004, and regularly issues an environmental statement. Along with the environmental management system, it is evaluated annually by a certified, independent environmental auditor.

“Sustainable growth with environmental and climate protection” – as a participant in Bavaria’s environmental package, JOSERA assumes an additional, voluntary commitment for qualified environmental performance.

Energy Management System

JOSERA has maintained an environmental management system according to DIN EN ISO 50001 since 2012.