Super Premium Petfood

Made in Germany

High-Quality Ingredients

Feeding with Josera means getting “pet food with passion”. These words express our passion for the recipes we use to produce high-quality food for dogs, cats and horses. With Josera you can be certain: As a German specialist in first-class pet food, we can look back at 80 years of experience and expertise. Your pet’s health, outstanding taste, excellent digestibility and compatibility has highest priority in our Super Premium nutrition for dogs and cats.

Our versatile assortment provides the four-legged friends in all phases of life at the highest level. Whether your pet is a puppy or senior, active or couch potato, overweight or has an intolerance. Our Super Premium and Premium pet food offer just the right choice and are also available in grain-free or gluten-free versions.

Our responsibility towards animals, people and the environment is always at the forefront of our minds. Animal welfare and the harmony between the pet owners and their pets are our motivation.

Family-run company ✔ Made in Germany ✔ Optimum price-quality ratio ✔ Food for dogs, cats and horses all from a single source ✔ In-house accredited quality assurance laboratory ✔ Use of high-quality, preferably natural ingredients without genetic engineering ✔ Sustainable, environmentally conscious practices responsibility for people, the environment and nature ✔ Long-standing, trusting relationships with our partners ✔ 100% climate neutral ✔ More than 80 years of experience

Today we are already working on the recipes for tomorrow’s nutrition. In doing so, we rely on our extensive experience and are prepared to break the mould with innovative products. Behind the success of our products and brands, are people, with passion and vision, who are committed to a common mission. True team spirit is just as much a part of our family business as our responsibility towards the environment and social commitment.

This is what Frank Erbacher (family entrepreneur of Erbacher the food family) has to say:

“We make sustainable nutrition - but what does that mean? It is affordable and wholesome. What we need is simple and healthy food that nourishes us and that we can enjoy – it is created and made in a way that respects the climate and nature.

We at Erbacher the food family are visionaries and pioneers of sustainable nutrition. We are working to ensure that our products are increasingly climate-neutral and that animals do not compete with humans for food. At the same time, nutrition that can be sustained in the future is also a sustainable business model for anyone who works in the field.

We are a family business and enjoy working with other family businesses in the value chain. We also go beyond the boundaries of our own value chain by taking our climate responsibility further. We consider aspects that lie outside the climate impact of our own products in order to achieve ecological, social and economic sustainability, especially in disadvantaged rural regions.”

As a member of Erbacher the food family, Josera belongs to one of the most traditional family-run companies. For us, tradition does not imply clinging to the past - but rather that we are always on the lookout for new ways. That is precisely what our tradition is: we are pioneers and trailblazers for sustainable pet food - and have been for many decades.

In doing so, we pursue a great vision, and this means producing pet food that is species-appropriate and working together with many people from all over the world, with whom we share the common goal of sustainability.

Being a pioneer and a visionary also means that we keep a close eye on our carbon footprint. We avoid and reduce CO2 emissions wherever we can and if we reach our limits, we compensate for the emissions with CO2 certificates.


This is what Stephan Hoose (CEO Josera petfood) has to say:

We believe there are many layers to sustainability. It goes from dealing with employees, such as sustainable further development of individual areas of responsibility, to the development of new packaging or the reduction of resources.

Sustainability is firmly anchored in our DNA: this runs through all our brands in the pet food sector, with our personal commitment to many foundation projects - not forgetting the Ntakata Mountains forest conservation project in Tanzania. As sustainability is an integral part of our philosophy, we have naturally continued to work on and adhere to it even during the COVID-19 crisis. In line with the food industry as a whole, this state of emergency has not led to a drop in sales for us. The sufficient supply of raw materials has become more challenging, but has been ensured at all times through adequate risk and process management.

Personally, I would be very pleased if other companies also took their responsibility as we do in the food family. This is the only way we can make a lasting difference without political and private pressure - even in challenging times like a global pandemic.”

Read more about our sustainable actions
At Josera we are not just taking responsibility on our own account but as a point of principle for our descendants and for people around the globe. We particularly want to engage on behalf of those who are not in the fortunate position of being as materially blessed as we are.
Through our foundation, we support development projects in rural regions of Tanzania, Uganda and India. In particular, projects on livestock farming, crop cultivation, water supply, environmental and climate protection, and also the empowerment of disadvantaged women are important to us. In this way, we want to contribute to giving rural life real perspective.
In addition to financial support (100% of the donations go to the projects), we attach great importance to personal and professional exchange between project partners on site and experts from the entire food family.
To this end, we work together with denominational and independent development partners. In particular, the promotion of smaller projects, which were brought to life by the personal commitment of project leaders, is close to our hearts.

The FCF scheme has two specific key goals in the priority region of East Africa:
✓ To improve nutrition and quality of life in developing countries
✓ To support agricultural family businesses in developing sustainable and successful business models
✓ Improvements will be made through collaborative partnerships, the sustainable use of local resources, the application of knowledge, experience and networking plus the expertise of our family business.
Our mission is to manufacture high-quality pet food based on locally available resources in regional production facilities. In this context, we build long-term commercial relationships with numerous suppliers and service providers from the local area around our factory in Bavaria, Germany. In addition, many of our employees come from the local area. By developing the company location, Josera is protecting long-term jobs in the valley of Bavaria, Germany.