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Many cat owners want to give their pet some variety in their bowl. But that's not all: The cat food offered should be healthy, nutritious and filling. The choice between wet and dry food for your cat is not always easy. By combining both feed types, so-called "mixed feeding", the advantages of both feed types can be combined. Here you can find out which ratio of dry and wet food you should take into account during mixed feeding, so that there is no shortage or oversupply.

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Pregnancy and childbirth are the beginning of a new life – this applies to both humans and cats. If your cat is pregnant, not only the joy of small, sweet kittens awaits you. The pregnancy period can become an adventurous journey for which you can prepare. We cover what to expect during pregnancy and cat birth in the article below. 

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Digestive disorders are not uncommon in animals because their gastrointestinal tract can be sensitive to various causes. If your cat or kitten has diarrhoea, it may be a simple stomach upset that will go away on its own. On the other hand, it can also be an indication of a serious illness. Therefore, you should keep a close eye on your cat if you notice that he/she is suffering from diarrhoea. In our guide, you can find out what can cause diarrhoea in cats, when you should see a vet about it, and what preventive measures you can take.

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You have probably seen this in your own feline friend: a clear, sometimes reddish-brown liquid runs out of the eye and leaves a mark on the face. Sometimes encrustations form around the eye. If the cat's eye is watering, it will look a bit like they are crying. There can be many causes of this. 

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Constipation is one of the diseases that occur very frequently in cats. What doesn't sound too bad at first can be life-threatening for cats. In this guide, we explain how to recognise constipation in your cat, how to treat it and what preventive measures you can take.  

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