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What's on the menu for today? What about our new Josera wet food “Beef” in a can? Felines love the taste of delicious beef. Salmon oil is also delicious - and provides essential omega-3 fatty acids.

The grain free recipe also provides lazy cats with moisture and has some other great characteristics: special dietary plant fibres combat the formation of hairballs and promote an optimal urine pH, preventing urinary stones. Everyone wins: your fussy four-legged friend, and you - because you only want the best for your pet.

  • Wet food for adult cats

  • Delicious beef in a practical can

  • Grain free recipe

  • Salmon oil provides a natural source of essential omega-3 fatty acids

  • Special dietary plant fibres can prevent the formation of hairballs

  • Carefully selected ingredients promote a pH value of 6.0-6.5 and can combat the formation of urinary stones.

  • Packaging size:
  • 85g
  • 200g

pork (meat, lung, heart); meat stock; chicken (liver, neck); beef (heart, meat); parsnip; minerals; salmon oil; psyllium husks;
feeding recommendation
per 24h /wet food
= 2 - 3 kg weight 3 4 kg weight 4 - 5 kg weight 5 - 7 kg weight Mixed feeding
0,75 1 1 - 1,25 1,25 - 1,5
200 g wet food
50 g dry food
feeding recommendation
per 24h /wet food
= 2 - 3 kg weight 3 4 kg weight 4 - 5 kg weight 5 - 7 kg weight Mixed feeding
1,5 - 2 2 2,5 - 3 3 - 3,5
85 g wet food
20 g dry food
Please note that the quantities stated are a guide only and must be adapted to your animal’s
nutritional status and its activity.

Please make sure your animal has fresh water at all times. After opening, keep refrigerated
between 2 to 6 °C, and use at room temperature within 24 hours.
Analytical constituents
protein 12.0 %
fat content 5.0 %
crude fibre 0.5 %
crude ash 2.0 %

Product benefits

Salmon Oil

Salmon Oil

Salmon oil provides beneficial omega 3 fatty acids and essential trace elements and vitamins promote a glossy, silky coat.
Grain free

Grain free

Optimal for the daily grain free nutrition of healthy and sensitive cats.


Dietetic fibres support the transport of the swallowed hair through the digestive tract and can thus reduce the formation of hairballs.