Super Premium Petfood

Made in Germany

High-Quality Ingredients


JOSERA DailyCat is suitable for the daily nourishment of indoor and outdoor cats that are sensitive to grain and prefer delicious poultry on their menu.

  • A daily extra portion of delicious poultry to your house cat's taste (corresponds to approx. 130g fresh meat by 100g of dried food)
  • Valuable fatty acids, vitamins and trace elements contribute to a healthy skin and shiny coat
  • Selected herbs and healthy fruits round off the recipe and offer your cat a delicious change
  • With special dietary fibres that can combat the formation of hairballs

Complete food for adult cats

Complete food for adult cats
dried poultry protein; dried sweet potato; pea flour; poultry fat; beet fibre; hydrolysed poultry protein; dried poultry liver; dried poultry liver; herbs, fruits; minerals;
DAILYCAT Composition
  Feed amounts
DailyCat/24 hours
2-3kg 25-40g
3-4kg 40-55g
4-5kg 55-70g
5-7kg 70-100g
7-10kg 100-130g

The recommended feed quantities are given per animal per day.
Ensure that your cat always has access to fresh drinking water.

Product benefits



The recipe contains no grain and is suitable for the daily grain-free nourishment of healthy and sensitive cats.
Easily digestible

Easily digestible

The premium quality and light processing of the carefully selected raw materials ensures that they are easy to digest and offers the perfect gentle diet even for cats with sensitive stomachs.


Dietary fibres support the transport of any hair that has been swallowed through the digestive tract, and can thus combat the formation of hairballs.