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A high-quality dry food for dogs will provide important nutrients for fitness and health. It is specially formulated to meet the needs of dogs. The ingredients are high quality and thus rich in nutrients and easy to digest.
Our super premium quality dry food for dogs is characterised by:

  • high-quality, natural ingredients
  • support for a balanced diet thanks to vital nutrients no artificial colourings, flavourings or preservatives
  • no genetically modified ingredients, no animal testing developed and produced in Germany
  • the entire production is DLG approved
  • Smaller quantities supply more energy than other varieties of food, such as wet food. The ingredients are dried and pressed into pellets, which results in higher concentrations of nutrients.
  • Chewing removes dental plaque: chunks of dry food have an abrasive effect.
  • Your dog will feel full faster: the pellets expand in the stomach and the dog feels full sooner.
  • Convenience: a cleaner bowl, no spills, and easy to take with you.
  • Simple feed portions: just measure out the correct quantity using a measuring cup or scales.
  • Keeps for a long time: food does not go off as quickly in the bowl e.g. compared to wet food.

There are various factors that influence which dog food you should buy for your four-legged companion:

  • Size
  • Age
  • Weight
  • Activity
  • Allergies or intolerances

The JOSERA range includes a wide selection of dry dog food for puppies to older pets, plus special varieties for dogs with a sensitive stomach or who are overweight.

For breeds such as Golden Retriever, German shepherd and the Hungarian Vizsla, JOSERA Large Breed is the perfect choice with its extra-large croquettes and increased fibre content to ensure the dog feels properly full and is less inclined to bolt its food.

For Border Collies, Afghan Hounds and Labrador Retrievers, who require peak performance in dog sports or as rescue dogs, JOSERA High Energy is the correct dry food.

And if your dog is very sensitive in terms of diet, JOSERA Hypoallergenic is recommended because it is so easy to digest and is made using insects, which are an unusual source of protein.

Discover our dry food for dogs online and buy the right variety for your loyal companion.

Older dogs have more sedentary lifestyle and thus burn fewer calories than young dogs. JOSERA offers several varieties of dog food for older animals that are specially designed for the needs of older pets. Key characteristics of dog food for older animals:

  • reduced protein and fat to prevent excess weight and aid digestion
  • modified mineral content to take the strain off the dog’s organs
  • additional nutrients to support the organs, coat and skin in old age
  • ingredients such as fruit and herbs that are rich in nutrients

Special dry food varieties are available for young dogs. These recipes are designed to ensure the puppy gets all the vital nutrients required for healthy growth. In addition, the puppy food supplies the necessary energy to explore the world full of vim and vigour.

In our online shop, you will find these products for your puppy:

  • YoungStar, grain-free: with poultry and potatoes
  • SensiJunior: easily digestible dry food for sporty breeds
  • MiniJunior: for rearing smaller breeds of dog
  • and many more ...

You can also order practical puppy boxes, which you can use to test our products.

From what age can a puppy be fed dry food?

The Junior dry food from JOSERA is suitable from the 6th week of life. Various varieties are available in addition to puppy boxes, which contain different products in smaller sizes that are ideal for testing.

Allergies and food intolerances are no longer rare among dogs. Common triggers are animal proteins or grains. That’s why JOSERA also makes a hypoallergenic dog food. The recipe contains no grains and uses a very unusual source of protein. As a result, this special dry food for dogs with allergies excludes the key triggers for food intolerances.

It makes sense to adapt your dog’s nutrition depending on the relevant breed. That’s because bone structure, muscle mass, activity levels and energy requirements all vary depending on the size of your dog.

In our online shop you will find various dry food options for small, medium and large breeds – from Chihuahuas, Maltese dogs and French Bulldogs to Labrador Retrievers, German shepherds and Dobermann Pinschers. All these products are designed to meet the needs of different sizes of dogs by providing appropriate nutrients, energy and croquette sizes.

Very active dogs have higher energy requirements. For this reason, their dog food should also contain suitable ingredients to provide the best possible nutrition for your pet.

The dry food for active dogs supports:

  • healthy bone structure
  • higher performance
  • healthy skin and coat
  • a healthy heart

Varieties such as JOSERA High Energy or Active Nature are designed specifically to meet the needs of active breeds. Order these directly online.

The right quantity of dry food will vary for every dog depending on its size, age and activity levels. However, there are guidelines you can follow. These can be found in the product descriptions for our dog food varieties and on the packaging.

The amount of food your dog should eat also depends on the relevant recipe. That is why the recommended feed quantity may vary between products.

The daily quantity can also vary due to chronic illness or particularly demanding circumstances such as pregnancy. You are welcome to make use of our free feeding advice service or consult your vet for more information.

In principle your dog can get very good nutrition from dry food. JOSERA’s products are complete feeds, which will provide all the important nutrients. However, the water content in dry food is very low. To some extent, this a disadvantage compared with wet food for dogs. However, you can also compensate for this by providing your pet with sufficient drinking water.

Some dogs are reluctant drinkers. In this case, you will need to consider your
own dog’s habits. Does your dog prefer fresh water or water that has been standing for a while? Would some unsalted meat stock add some welcome flavour? This can be a good way to encourage your pet to drink. You can also put bowls out in different locations. Normally dogs will drink immediately after eating. But they can also be keen to have a drink after going for a walk or playing ball in the garden, so putting a bowl right by the door is a good plan.


1. Transitioning a puppy from mother’s milk to dry food:

  • From the 3rd or 4th week of the puppy’s life, offer solid food with a liquid or mushy consistency. To do this, you can soak Junior dry food in lots of water. 10 % of the daily calorie intake is a good guide in terms of quantity.
  • From the 5th - 6th week of life, the puppy will be able to eat solid chunks of food. Gradually increase the quantity until the dog is exclusively eating dry food.
  • By no later than the 8th - 10th week of life, the young dog should no longer be consuming its mother’s milk and will instead be exclusively offered solid food.

2. Transitioning adult dogs to dry food

  • Proceed slowly.
  • Mix a small quantity of dry food into the dog’s usual wet food.
  • Slowly increase the proportion of dry food, while reducing the wet food component. Continue doing this until the wet food has been completely replaced with dry food.
  • If your dog is not keen on the dry crunchy texture, add a bit of water or unsalted meat stock.

JOSERA offers several low-fat dog food products, which are particularly good for dogs with a tendency to put on excess weight or who need to lose weight.

Our “diet” dry foods typically feature:

  • reduced energy
  • a higher proportion of fibre and lower fat content to ensure fewer calories while still being sufficiently filling
  • special nutrients that support the fat metabolism
  • higher protein content to stimulate the metabolism