Super Premium Petfood

Made in Germany

High-Quality Ingredients


Tasty food for our mothers-to-be and puppies: This special formula not only covers a bitch's special requirements, from the last trimester of gestation until the end of the nursing period; it also supplies puppies, whether still in the womb or being nursed, with all the necessary nutrients. Later, the nutritious kibble can be softened in JOSERA puppy milk or water to help the puppies transition to solid food.

  • Contains plenty of energy and protein for pregnant and nursing bitches
  • With taurine for fertility and valuable antioxidants to support the highly metabolic reproductive organs
  • Supports puppies brain development thanks to high-quality fatty acids from salmon
  • Soakable kibble to wean puppies onto dry food

Complete feed for bitches and pups

  • Packaging size:
  • 15kg
Complete feed for bitches and pups
dried poultry protein; rice; poultry fat; whole grain corn; dried salmon; maize protein; beet fibre; hydrolysed poultry protein; plant fibre; carob meal; minerals; ground chicory root (natural source of inulin);
FAMILYPLUS Composition

For pregnant bitches:

  amount of food (per animal and day)
6th - 9th week of pregnancy
5 kg 120 - 130 g
10 kg 215 - 235 g
20 kg 390 - 410 g
30 kg 550 - 580 g
40 kg 690 - 710 g
60 kg 980 - 1045 g
80 kg 1165 - 1305 g

For suckling puppies :

  amount of food
3. 4. weej
(per animal and day)
5. 8. week
> 8. week
5 kg 20 - 35 g 35 - 55 g  
10 kg 40 - 75 g 75 - 130 g  
20 kg 55 - 110 g 130 - 215 g JOSERA Kids,
30 kg 75 - 190 g 190 - 280 g MiniJunior,
40 kg 95 - 240 g 240 - 390 g SensiJunior
60 kg 110 - 260 g 280 - 515 g oder YoungStar
80 kg 140 - 320 g 320 - 465 g  
The weights are based on the weight of the adult dog. Please keep in mind that the recommended amounts are only a rough indication and should be adapted to the individual dog's feeding needs and activity level. Always provide your pet with fresh drinking water

Product benefits



Optimised for bitches during gestation and lactation due to the presence of L-carnitine and a higher energy content. Valuable nutrients support the puppies‘ develop-ment, whether in the mother‘s womb or via her milk.
Optimal development

Optimal development

Valuable fatty acids from salmon support brain development. L-carnitine and high-quality proteins promote strong, low-fat muscles. Taurine and L-carnitine are important nutrients for the heart.
Soakable kibble

Soakable kibble

The kibble size is especially small and can be soaked with water for a better transition to solid food.