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Flax & Fibre Mash

Josera Flax & Fibre Mash is the grainfree alternative for all horse lovers who want to pamper their horses in a healthy way. A mash from Josera is traditionally characterised by a high linseed content, as this provides the nutrients that have made mash so popular with horses and riders for generations! To support healthy intestinal flora, Josera Flax & Fibre Mash contains a high proportion of mucus-forming components such as linseed
and the particularly high-quality psyllium husks. A healthy herb mixture with fennel, aniseed, caraway and thyme refines the recipe. Prebiotic chicory pulp improves the intestinal flora, promotes healthy digestion and the horse’s well-being. The dietary fibres contained promote the natural functions of the digestive system.

High-quality essential oils support the entire metabolism and provide a healthy shine to the coat. Together with a coordinated mineralisation and vitaminisation, they promote the improvement of the skin and coat. Josera Flax & Fibre Mash can also contribute to healthy bones and firm hooves. Particularly in the change of coat or in situations of special stress such as rehabilitation or in competition sport, Josera Flax & Fibre Mash can be fed. The low-sugar real apple and carrots contained in Josera Flax & Fibre Mash also make it very tasty.

  • With linseed, natural oils and minerals for a glossy coat and good hoof growth
  • Significantly reduced levels of starch and sugar for horses suffering from metabolic disorders
  • Rich in mucous-forming components and prebiotics for healthy digestion

  • Packaging size:
  • 15kg
  • 2kg

Product Information

Feeding recommendation:
2–3 times a week depending on size of horse 0.5–1 kg as a supplement or to replace the usual manger ration. We recommend 100–150 g per 100 kg body
Preparation: e.g. Mix 1–2 litres of Josera Flax & Fibre Mash (note: 1 litre of mash = 450 g) with two to three times as much warm water (approx. 50 °C). Let it soak for 15–20 minutes and feed at a moderate temperature. If necessary, it can also be mixed with cold water; this extends the soaking time by around
5 minutes.