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Flax & Fibre Mineral

Who said that mineral feed doesn’t need to be tasty? Josera Flax & Fibre Mineral is the premium mineral feed for natural and tasty horse nutrition. As with the other products in the Josera Kraut & Rüben family, the same applies here: High-quality extracts from lucerne, apple, linseed, sunflower and selected herbs give the feed its good smell and delicious taste. You can feed it directly from your hand! Thanks to the low starch and sugar content and the grainfree recipe, Josera Flax & Fibre Mineral is also suitable for giving to horses with feeding-related metabolic disorders.

The internal values of Josera Flax & Fibre Mineral are also right: the composition was developed according to the latest scientific findings. For example, trace elements such as zinc and copper are contained in organically bound form and are particularly highly available. Josera Flax & Fibre Mineral also impresses with its high biotin and selenium content, which ideally compensates for deficiencies in the basic feed.

Josera Flax & Fibre Mineral supports the development of the bones and joints of foals and young horses in a natural way. It also enables optimal hoof growth for your horse and ensures a shiny coat and an intact immune system.

  • Delicious, grainfree recipe and natural ingredients for maximum acceptance
  • Rich in minerals - supports performance and immunity
  • Particularly low starch and sugar content – also suitable for sensitive horses

  • Packaging size:
  • 4kg
  • 15kg

Product Information

Feeding recommendation:
Daily feed quantity per 100 kg body weight:

horses in maintenance or light work and brood mares up to month 7 of
pregnancy 20 g / 100 kg body weight,
horses in heavy work and brood mares from month 8 of pregnancy 25 g / 100 kg body weight,
foals and young horses up to 36 months old 30 g / 100 kg body weight. “