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Flax & Fibre Natural

Thanks to its grainfree recipe, Josera Flax & Fibre Natural is the ideal textured mix for a deliberately starch- and sugar-reduced horse diet. Due to the extremely low starch (0.4 %) and sugar content (3.8 %) as well as the high fibre content, it is particularly suitable for feeding horses that are prone to metabolic disorders and overweight.

Josera Flax & Fibre Natural is inspired by a horse’s natural pasture diet. The fibre content has a satiating effect, promotes a harmonious large intestinal flora and prevents digestive problems. The carrots, valuable marc and beneficial herbs contained can contribute to the horse’s well-being. Minerals and oilseeds contribute to an intact skin, beautiful coat and strong hooves. Lucerne, sunflower meal, linseed meal, milk thistle oil and pea flakes also supply the horse’s body with valuable fatty acids and high-quality proteins.

In Josera Flax & Fibre Natural there are also vital, essential amino acids that contribute to optimal muscle metabolism. Josera Flax & Fibre Natural is refined by an optimum supply of vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

  • Only 0.4 % starch and 3.8 % sugar for horses with feeding related metabolic disorders
  • Lots of crude fibre, selected herbs and milk thistle oil for horses with sensitive digestion
  • Minerals and oilseeds for strong hooves and a shiny coat

  • Packaging size:
  • 15kg
Feeding recommendation:
When used as the sole manger feed to supplement the hay ration:
Depending on the level of activity, approx. 150–400 g per 100 kg of body weight per day to cover energy needs.
An amount of 2 kg or more per day is sufficient to meet all vitamin and mineral
requirements of a large horse.
For smaller feeding quantities, we recommend supplementation with Josera Vita Mineral or Josera Flax & Fibre Mineral.
1 litre of Josera Flax & Fibre Natural = approx. 470 g.