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Foal & Mare

Josera Foal & Mare is the high-quality muesli mix for pregnant and lactating mares, as well as for foals up to the completion of the first year of life. Brood mares have special requirements for the supply of energy, protein and minerals in the last third of pregnancy and during lactation. Foals also have special demands on their daily feed ration in the first year of life.

Josera Foal & Mare contains lots of protein from high-quality protein sources that provide the horse with essential amino acids. These are needed for the formation of milk proteins and the optimal growth of the foal. The hydrothermally digested cereal flakes in Josera Foal & Mare are highly digestible and thus help to cover the increased energy requirement. The contents of calcium, copper and zinc are adapted to the special needs of foals and mares. Copper, which is especially important for the development of the foal’s joints, is present in organically and mineral-bound form and is therefore highly available. The vitamins contained promote the fertility of the mare, ensure high vitality of the foal and ensure a good immune system.

Thanks to the unique composition of the feed, the mare gives particularly rich milk, which contributes to the best care of the foal. In addition, Josera Foal & Mare can also contribute to a better mare’s condition by optimally supplying the mare with energy and vitamins

  • Specially formulated as optimal nutrition for mares and for good foal growth
  • Essential amino acids from high-quality protein sources maintain optimal breeding condition, support maximum milk supply and the mare’s fertility.
  • Optimal mineral properties for the development of strong bones, tendons and cartilage

  • Packaging size:
  • 20kg

Product Information

Feeding recommendation:
Josera Fohlen & Stute as a sole manger feed to supplement the hay ration:

Per foal per day (approx. 600 kg adult weight):
From 2 to 12 months old: 0.5–2.5 kg Josera Foal & Mare Per mare per day (approx. 600 kg body weight):
month 8 of pregnancy until birth: approx. 1.5 kg Josera Foal & Mare
Month 1 to 3 of lactation: approx. 4 kg Josera Foal & Mare Month
4 to 5 of lactation: 4–2.5 kg Josera Foal & Mare.For smaller feeding quantities, we recommend supplementation with Josera Vita Mineral or Josera Flax & Fibre Mineral.
1 litre of Josera Foal & Mare = approx 500g.