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Josera - Horse


The oat-free, mineral-enriched muesli for horses with normal needs or light work

  • Reduced energy for retired horses or horses with a light workload
  • Vitamins and minerals for all metabolic processes
  • Fibres to stimulate digestion

JOSERA Leichter Mix is intended as a lower-energy, oat-free ration for horses with lower energy requirements or as a maintenance ration. It includes all essential minerals and vitamins. If the amount of feed is adjusted accordingly (e.g. 2 kg for a large horse used for light work), the addition of a mineral feed is not required. JOSERA Leichter Mix contains hydrothermally treated flakes of grain which are digested easily in the small intestine. High-fibre components reduce the carbohydrate metabolism and limit the energy content.


The oat-free herbal muesli that supports the respiratory tract

  • Supports the respiratory system, for example for horses that are sensitive to dust
  • Very well-accepted by demanding horses
  • Mid-range energy content for active horses

JOSERA  Kräuter  Aktiv  is  our  oat-free  herbal  muesli  for  active  horses.  The  special   herbs   and   real   peppermint   oil   contained   support   your   horse’s   respiratory system. The high-quality plant oils in it help bind even the smallest dust particles. For this reason, JOSERA Kräuter Aktiv is particularly well-suited for feeding horses who are sensitive to dust. The real peppermint oil gives the feed a refreshing aroma and makes it very appetizing, as well as soothing for the digestive tract. Quality grains and plant oils deliver digestible energy and nutrients, protect the digestive system and ensure a beautiful coat.


The powerful muesli with extra energy for high performance

  • For strength, speed and endurance in all disciplines
  • Protection of muscle cells with anti-oxidant complex
  • With probiotic yeast for stabilising the intestinal floraand strengthening the immune system

JOSERA  Sport  Plus  is  the  oat-free  power  ration  for  horses  in  all  disciplines.  With a particularly high energy concentration and many valuable ingredients, JOSERA Sport Plus keeps your horse in top condition. The live probiotic yeast supports  the  bacteria  in  the  large  intestine  that  break  down  fibre,  thereby  reducing  the  risk  of  digestive  disorders.  An  anti-oxidant  complex  of  vitamin  C,  vitamin  E,  and  selenium  prevents  oxidative  damage  of  the  cells,  which  is  particularly important for highly stressed muscles.

KrautundRueben_mit Schatten

The grain-free structure mix, inspired by natural pasture grazing

  • Starch and sugar reduced for horses with nutritionally induced metabolic disturbances
  • A lot of raw fibres and selected herbs for horses with digestive problems
  • Minerals, brewer‘s yeast and draff for a healthy hoof and a shiny coat


JOSERA Kraut & Rüben is especially suitable for the feeding of horses in conservation needs or for those that are prone to nutritionally induced metabolic disturbances. JOSERA Kraut & Rüben is inspired by the natural pasture grazing of horses. It is particularly saturating, it supports the harmonic colonic flora and prevents from digestion problems. JOSERA Kraut & Rüben is refined by an ideal mix of vitamins, minerals, brewer‘s yeast, draff and micronutrients. This makes it a highly mineralized food. Eliminating the need of adding further minerals as of feeding 2 kg/day.

The muesli-mix for vitality in older horses

  • Anti-aging complex against early cell aging
  • More vitality due to a higher concentration of  nutrients and active ingredients
  • With probiotic life yeast for a better digestion

JOSERA  Senior  is  the  specially  formulated  premium  ration.  It  addresses  the  increased needs of older horses for essential amino acids, zinc, selenium, and vitamins and helps to counter the frequently impending loss of body weight JOSERA Senior contains live probiotic yeast cells which help to stimulate the bacteria  in  the  large  intestine  that  break  down  fibre  and  reduce  the  risk  of  digestive disorders. An anti-aging complex with vitamin C and E as well as sele-nium strengthens the immune system and guards against premature cell aging and  infections.  Can  also  be  soaked  before  feeding  (please  prepare  fresh!).


The mixture for optimal digestion

  • Very high content of linseed to support the natural intestinal flora
  • Tasty formula for a healthy skin and a shiny coat
  • Valuable fatty acids for a beautifully shiny coat

Mash  is  traditionally  used  by  many  horse  owners  to  prevent  and mitigatedigestive problems and to help coat changing. JOSERA Mash Rapid is a tasty, beneficial  mixture  with  a  very  high  linseed  content.  The  linseed  used  in  this  feed  is  specially  treated  so  that  JOSERA  Mash  Rapid  doesn‘t  need  to  be  cooked. The mucilage contained in the linseed protects the horse‘s intestinal wall against mechanical damage, thereby keeping it intact. Mixed with warm water, JOSERA Mash Rapid can be fed after soaking for just 15 - 20 minutes!


The daily dosis of mineral pellets, rich in vitamins

  • Complete supply with all of the necessary minerals  and vitamins
  • For all breeds – covers normal needs as well as  high-level sports
  • High content of biotin for hard hooves and a shiny coat

JOSERA Joker-Mineral is a premium mineral feed for all horses and ponies of any age and performance level. Every horse requires minerals and vitamins to maintain  its  vital  functions,  even  if  it  does  not  perform  any  work  and  is  not  used for breeding. JOSERA Joker-Mineral contains these essential substances in amounts optimally adjusted to the needs of a horse. Thanks to the pellet form, JOSERA Joker-Mineral can be measured very easily and precisely to meet the requirements.


The breeding muesli for an optimal feed for mare and foal

  • Contains high-quality proteins and essential amino acids
  • For perfect breeding conditions for the mare and healthy foal growth
  • Adapted to foal and mare, easily digestible

JOSERA Fohlen & Stute is a high-quality muesli mixture for pregnant and lacta-ting mares as well as for foals in their first year of life. In the  final trimester of gestation, brood mares require increased energy,  protein and mineral content. In their first year of life, foals have special demands on their daily ration as well. JOSERA Fohlen & Stute contains an increased amount of high-quality proteins which supply the horse with essential amino acids, like lysine and methionine.


The best from a traditional mash in a grainfree formula

  • High content of linseed, natural oils and minerals for a shiny coat and healthy hoof growth
  • Grainfree and starch- and sugar-reduced for horses with feed-related metabolic disorders
  • Rich in mucus-forming constituents, dietary fibre and prebiotic active ingredients for a strong digestive system

Josera Kraut & Rüben Mash is the grainfree* alternative for all horse lovers wanting to pamper their animals in a healthy way. A JOSERA mash is traditionally characterised by a high linseed content, as linseed provides the nutrients that have made mash so popular with horse and rider for generations! To support a healthy intestinal flora, Josera Kraut & Rüben Mash contains a high proportion of mucus-forming constituents, such as linseed and particularly high-quality psyllium husks. A healthy mix of herbs including fennel, aniseed, caraway and thyme refines the formula. Prebiotic chicory pulp improves the intestinal flora and promotes healthy digestion and the horse‘s well-being. Dietary fibre promotes the natural functions of the digestive system.


100 % grasses and herbs from natural meadows – CO2-neutral production

  • Low fructan content due to cutting at an ideal time
  • Dust-free due to multiple sieving and gentle processing
  • No added sugars and molasses

It is what it says it is: 100 % grasses and herbs from environmentally protected meadows. For our Josera Kraut & Rüben Heucobs we source our grasses and herbs exclusively from local, sustainable production. What‘s more, our Josera Kraut & Rüben Heucobs are produced and dried using a fully CO2-neutral process – thanks to solar energy and reforestation projects! Our Josera Kraut & Rüben Heucobs are fed typically as a roughage substitute or supplement. For instance, when feeding up thin or older horses, convalescent horses, horses with tooth problems or for added fluid intake. The new Josera Kraut & Rüben Heucobs are in the tradition of our popular „Kraut & Rüben“ range: natural grainfree recipes, with premium crude fibre and healthy meadow herbs.