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Made in Germany

High-Quality Ingredients

Josera SHF

Josera SHF is the innovative stable hygiene product with a 100 % organic recipe. Josera SHF provides long-lasting freshness and cleanliness in the horse stable even with a small dosage. The recipe binds excess moisture and thus prevents the formation of ammonia. This relieves the horses’ respiratory tracts, noticeably improves the stable climate and interrupts infection chains, which can reduce the infection pressure in the stable – especially in winter or in times of increased susceptibility to disease in the horse population.

The reduction in moisture can also help improve hoof health, especially in horses with overly soft hooves. Depending on the stable situation, Josera SHF unfolds a long-lasting effect that promises pleasant and natural freshness in the horse stalls throughout the week.

Josera SHF is suitable for organic farming, can be used over the long term and does not cause resistance in insects – for the sake of the bee.

  • Neutralises ammonia
  • Breaks chains of infection
  • Binds moisture
  • Fresh smell

  • Packaging size:
  • 10kg
  • 3kg