Super Premium Petfood

Made in Germany

High-Quality Ingredients


Pet food is simple, but that doesn't mean it has to be boring: Our JosiDog Pâté Finest Mix combines the best of 5 flavours in an unbelievably delicious recipe! This tasty blend of ingredients, with no unnecessary additives and plenty of goodness is surely a favorite of adult dogs.

  • Pâté with 5 different meat varieties, for adult dogs
  • With Vitamin E to improve cell protection
  • With Vitamin D3 to support stable bone development 
  • No fuss: no added sugar, colours, flavours or preservatives

Complete food for adult dogs.

  • Packaging size:
  • 400g
Complete food for adult dogs.
meat and animal derivatives (turkey 4.0%, chicken 4.0%, beef 4.0%, lamb 4.0%, pork 4.0%); cereals; minerals;
 weight 5kg 10kg 20kg 30kg
feed quantities/24h 320 - 380g 540 -600g 800 - 1.000g 1.100g - 1.300g
 The recommended feed quantities are given per animal per day.
Analytical constituents
protein 8.0 %
fat content 6.0 %
crude fibre 0.3 %
crude ash 2.0 %
Technological additives
Unopened, best before: /Batch number: see imprint. Please note that the quantities stated are a guide only and must be adapted to your animal’s nutritional status and its activity. Please make sure your animal has fresh water at all times. Once opened, store in a refrigerator at 2-6 °C and use within 24 hours.