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Almost as soon as a kitten is born it needs special care, as does its mother. Especially in those early months, it is essential to provide the necessary nutrients. <strong>JOSERA Kitten Grain-free</strong> meets these special requirements thanks to its high-energy, easily digestible recipe with delicious poultry.

  • For growing cats and mother cats who are pregnant or lactating
  • Easily digestible, grain-free recipe with valuable salmon oil
  • An extra portion of delicious poultry for a gourmet experience that will win over the smallest cat (corresponds to approx. 140g fresh meat per 100g of dry food)
  • With special dietary fibres that can combat the formation of hairballs

Complete food for pregnant, lactating, and growing cats

Complete food for pregnant, lactating, and growing cats
dried poultry protein; poultry fat; dried potato; pea flour; beet fibre; dried tapioca; potato protein; hydrolysed fish protein; dried poultry liver; salmon oil; yeast; minerals; ground chicory root (natural source of inulin);
Feeding recommendation for kittens

Age in months
Feed amounts
Kitten grain-free\kg bodyweight
2 50g
3 45g
4 40g
5 35g
6 30g
7 - 12 20-30g
Ensure that your cat always has access to fresh drinking water.
The recommended feed quantities are given per animal per day.
Feeding recommendation for pregnant cats

Feed amounts
Kitten grain-free/24 hours
2-4kg 40-90g
4-6kg 90-140kg
6-8kg 140-180g

For pregnant cats: please note that your cat's food requirements during pregnancy will depend on the number of kittens. Due to the possibility of birthing difficulties and disturbances, however, you should take care to avoid over-feeding during the lactation period.

For lactating cats: food should be made freely available as required, as the cat's needs will vary depending on the number of kittens and how much milk is being produced.

Product benefits



The recipe contains no grain and is suitable for the daily grain-free nourishment of healthy and sensitive cats.
Optimum growth

Optimum growth

A high calorific content, specifically designed for particular requirements, plus a balanced nutrient complex promote optimum development. Easily digestible proteins and light processing ensure the food is easy to digest. Valuable Omega-1 and Omega-6 fatty acids from salmon oil provide DHA and EPA.


Dietary fibres support the transport of any hair that has been swallowed through the digestive tract, and can thus combat the formation of hairballs.