Super Premium Petfood

Made in Germany

High-Quality Ingredients


For our dear companions who want to take it slowly from time to time. Tasty lamb as an alternative to poultry. A light food for dogs with a normal or low energy requirement.

  • With 25 % dried lamb as the only source of animal protein (corresponds to about 85 g of fresh meat per 100 g of dry food)
  • No corn, only rice as the source of carbohydrate
  • Valuable ingredients support a healthy and glossy coat

Complete feed for adult dogs

  • Packaging size:
  • 900g
  • 5x900g
  • 15kg
Complete feed for adult dogs
rice; dried lamb protein; beet fibre; poultry fat; partially hydrolysed yeast; carob meal; minerals;
LAMM&REIS Composition
  inactive/older normally active active
5 kg 50 g 65 g 70 g
10 kg 95 g 125 g 150 g
20 kg 155 g 205 g 265 g
30 kg 205 g 280 g 350 g
40 kg 260 g 345 g 440 g
60 kg 345 g 470 g 600 g
80 kg 430 g 585 g 750 g

Please note that the indicated quantities are only guideline values ??and must be adapted to the feeding condition of your animal as well as its activity. Always provide your pet with fresh drinking water

Product benefits

Easy to digest

Easy to digest

The super premium quality and the gentle processing of the selected raw materials ensure a high digestibility and make it suitable for dogs with a sensitive digestive track.
Skin & coat

Skin & coat

A shiny coat and healthy skin are signs of optimal nutrition for your dog. This is the result of valuable fatty acids, vitamins, as well as zinc and copper in an easy to absorb form in an organic compound.
Moderate energy content

Moderate energy content

This formula has a moderate fat content and is especially well-suited for dogs with normal activity levels.