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Muesli Active Mix

Josera Muesli Active Mix is the muesli for active sport and leisure horses. It is perfectly adapted to the needs of active horses and optimised for daily use in feeding.
The Josera Active package provides lasting muscle cell protection and supports lasting enjoyment of exercise. Both the selenium, biotin and vitamin B1 content are specially adapted to the increased needs of performance horses. Important trace elements such as zinc and copper are present in a mix of organically and mineral-bound forms and are therefore particularly readily available to the horse. Omega-3 essential fatty acids can have an anti-inflammatory effect and positively influence immunological processes, such as joint metabolism.
The LLL complex – with probiotic live yeasts, linseed oil and lucerne components – supports an intact intestinal environment: crude fibre components encourage better insalivation of the feed, which naturally neutralises the pH value of the horse’s stomach. Thanks to the probiotically active live yeasts, excess starch is additionally broken down in the intestine. The linseed oil contained not only makes the coat shine, but also supports the entire organism and additionally provides easily digestible energy.
Josera Muesli Active Mix is fully mineralised, so no additional mineral feed needs to be fed from a feeding quantity of 2 kg per day. Of course, Josera Muesli Active Mix is ADMR-compliant. For phases of particularly intense workload or with a particularly high energy requirement, we recommend Josera Sport Plus with 14 MJ digestible energy as a supplement. Ask our experts!

  • Power packed with active ingredients such as vitamin E, biotin, selenium and omega-3 for muscle cell protection
  • LLL-complex with linseed, lucerne, and probiotic live yeast for a healthy gastrointestinal tract
  • High-quality minerals to promote strong tendons, ligaments and joints

  • Packaging size:
  • 15kg
  • 20kg

Product Information

Feeding recommendation:
When usedas the sole manger feed to supplement the hay ration:
Depending on the level of activity, approx. 300–500 g per 100 kg
of body weight per day to cover energy needs.
An amount of 2 kg or more per day is sufficient to meet all vitamin and mineral
requirements of a large horse.
For smaller feeding quantities, we recommend supplementation with Josera Vita Mineral or Josera Flax & Fibre Mineral.
1 litre of Josera Muesli Active Mix = approx. 480 g.