Super Premium Petfood

Made in Germany

High-Quality Ingredients


Josera Paté adds variety to your pet‘s meals. This well-balanced wet food provides premium meat and offal plus all the essential nutrients your cat needs for a wholesome healthy diet. So our Josera Paté
is the complete feed to take all-round care of your cat all day every day.

  • With essential omega 3 fatty acids from salmon oil
  • Special dietary fibre from psyllium husks can help to prevent the formation of hairballs
  • Ideal as a daily grainfree diet suitable for healthy and sensitive cats
  • A targeted selection of ingredients promotes a pH value of 6.0-6.5 which can help to prevent the formation of urinary stones
  • In pre-portioned airtight pouches for a full taste experience

Complete food for adult cats

  • Packaging size:
  • 80g
Complete food for adult cats
salmon; chicken broth; seaweed; minerals; salmon oil; psyllium husks;
Feeding recommendation
per 24h /4 kg Gewicht
 =  Food (wet + dry) only
wet food
1-2x Paté + 20 g dry food 2-3x Paté
Analytical constituents
protein 9.5 %
fat content 9.3 %
crude fibre 0.4 %
crude ash 2.3 %
calcium 0.31 %
phosphorus 0.28 %
Technological additives
Unopened, best before: /Batch number: see imprint. Please note that the quantities stated are a guide only and must be adapted to your animal’s nutritional status and its activity. Please make sure your animal has fresh water at all times. Once opened, store in a refrigerator at 2-6 °C and use within 24 hours.

Product benefits

Urinary pH control

Urinary pH control

The carefully selected ingredients promote a pH value of 6.0-6.5 and can therefore combat the formation of urinary calculi.


With special dietary plant fibres obtained from psyllium husks, which can combat the formation of hairballs


Perfect for the daily grain-free nutrition of healthy and sensitive cats.