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Josera Sport Plus is the oat-free power booster for horses of all disciplines. Charisma, endurance, strength and speed require optimal nutrition of the horse. The hydrothermally broken down grain in Josera Sport Plus is particularly easy to digest and provides the horse with quickly available energy. High-quality vegetable oils, on the other hand, serve as a long-term and sustainable source of energy, which provide stamina especially during endurance performances and can act as a “turbo boost” during the competition season.

The Aktiv package contained in Josera Sport Plus with vitamin E, biotin, selenium and omega 3 fatty acids optimises the regeneration of heavily stressed muscles. The probiotic live yeast contained in Josera Sport Plus supports the sensitive large intestinal flora of active horses and thus reduces the risk of digestive disorders. In addition, linseed and vitamin A protect the intestinal mucosa. Due to the high energy density, the amount of manger feed can be specifically reduced and the digestive tract of your horse can be
additionally protected.

Of course, Josera Sport Plus is ADMR-compliant.

Josera Sport Plus can be perfectly combined as an energy booster with the sports muesli Josera Muesli Active Mix. For phases of particularly intensive workload or with a particularly high energy requirement, we recommend replacing 1/3 of the Josera Muesli Active Mix ration with Josera Sport Plus or supplementing the ration with it. Ask our experts!

  • Valuable oils as an energy source for vitality, stamina, strength and speed
  • Active package with vitamin E, biotin, selenium and omega-3 for muscle cell protection
  • With live probiotic yeast to stabilise intestinal flora and strengthen the immune system

  • Packaging size:
  • 15kg

corn flakes, heat treated; barley flakes, heat treated; maize germ; dried salmon; apple fibre; sugar beet molasses; hydrolysed animal protein; calcium carbonate; HT_10000004; calcium-sodium-phosphate; Weizenkleie; apple fibre;
SPORT PLUS Composition
Feeding recommendation:
When used as the sole manger feed to supplement the hay ration:
Depending on the level of activity, approx. 300–500 g per 100 kg of body weight
per day to cover energy needs.
An amount of 2 kg or more per day is sufficient to meet all vitamin and mineral requirements of a large horse.
For smaller feeding quantities, we recommend supplementation with Josera Vita Mineral or Josera Flax & Fibre Mineral.
1 litre of Josera Sport Plus = approx. 520 g.
Analytical constituents
protein 10.6 %
fat content 9.6 %
crude fibre 5.0 %
crude ash 5.2 %
calcium 0.8 %
phosphorus 0.5 %