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Josera Help – support with health challenges

The well-being of your four-legged friend is something very important to you. Every day you do everything you can to give him the best life possible - even in the case of health problems. We are happy to help you with this: to do so, we work every day to provide you with the right food for your pet.

With Josera Help we have now combined the usual Super Premium quality with recipes that can provide targeted support for specific health concerns. We cannot replace a visit to the vet, but with the right product from Josera Help you can increase your pet's well-being. Day after day and bowl after bowl.

From cranberry and nettle for urinary tract disorders to ginger to support digestion: nature offers so many good ingredients that have already proven their worth in traditional veterinary medicine and folk medicine for humans. We also use these exquisite herbs and fruits in the form of the Phytogen Complex in our Josera Help products: Each recipe contains the selected phytogenic additive, an ingredient that is ideally suited to and supports the respective dietary approach. This is how our veterinary dry foods become customised solutions for health challenges and high demands.

Our Josera Super Premium range includes complete feeds that have been developed by nutritional scientists. When developing the products, our experts are guided by the world's professionally recognised institutions such as the Fediaf and the NRC standards, among others.

Our Josera Help products are also subject to these guidelines and recommendations of the institutions, but also to strict legal requirements and declaration obligations. Our Help products may only be marketed as dietary complete feeds if they comply with these. A big difference is, of course, the target group: our Super Premium range is designed for healthy animals, whereas our Josera Help line is for adult, unwell animals. For this reason, the recipes are also tailored to special illnesses and life stages, whereas the Super Premium range follows the life cycle principle and can accompany the animal from puppy age to senior age.

In addition to quality and tolerance, the Super Premium products focus on taste variations. The Help line stands primarily for its dietary benefits.

The best way to find the right food for a unwell furry friend is through the recommendation of our professionals. They can individually assess what the animal needs, what can support the treatment or increase the well-being. Nevertheless, we recommend consulting your veterinarian before feeding the food.

Would you like to find out about the food in advance? On the product detail pages we provide lots of important information about the selected product.

Our Josera Help products for dogs are available in 10 kg food bags and in 900 g bags. There is a special feature with the cat products: Josera Help Renal, Urinary and Hypoallergenic are available in 10 kg food bags and also, like all the other cat products, in 2 kg bags and 400 g bags.

Generally, all our Josera Help products are produced without the addition of wheat, soya, dairy products, sugar, genetic engineering or artificial colours, flavours and preservatives. In the case of our new veterinary food line, the dietary benefit is of course in the foreground: after all, the product should be able to support. That is why the ingredients here differ according to the characteristics of the feed.

Our new Josera Help line is a veterinary food line. Beforehand, discuss with our nutritional professionals or the vet which food is suitable for the unwell animal. Then follow the feeding recommendations on the packaging as well as individual recommendations in the declarations.

With Josera Help, we naturally also support our horses.