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Vita Mineral

Josera Vita Mineral is the premium mineral feed for all phases of a horse’s life. Every horse needs minerals and vitamins to maintain its vital functions, even if it does not perform any work or breeding. Josera Vita Mineral contains vital substances in optimal coordination with the needs of every horse: Whether youngster or senior, pensioner or sport horse – Josera Vita Mineral makes it possible to supply the horse with minerals, trace elements and vitamins as required. And that already for less than 30 cents per day!

Josera Vita Mineral has high-quality ingredients, for example zinc and copper are present in organically bound form and are therefore particularly readily available. Josera Vita Mineral ensures that the daily requirement of minerals, vitamins and trace elements is covered and thus supports the healthy development of the bones and joints of foals and young horses, strengthens the horse’s hooves and ensures beautiful skin, a shiny coat and an intact immune system. The particularly high biotin and selenium content ideally compensates for deficiencies in the basic feed.

  • Excellent availability: organically bound trace elements, minerals and vitamins
  • Particularly high biotin and selenium content to support skin, coat and hoof health
  • 30 cents per day for the health of your horse

  • Packaging size:
  • 4kg
  • 15kg

Product Information

Feeding recommendation:
Daily feed quantity per 100 kg body weight:
horses in maintenance or light work and brood mares up to month 7 of pregnancy 20 g / 100 kg body weight, horses in heavy work and brood mares from month 8 of pregnancy 25 g / 100 kg body weight,
foals and young horses up to 36 months old 30 g / 100 kg body weight.